Special Effects

Wow your guests with special effects. With a background in technical theatre, effects are something we specialise in.

Exploding Balloons

Above the dance floor will sit either one or multiple 3 foot latex balloons. Each one of these balloons is filled with 100 5″ balloons and confetti. At the given time in the proceedings the outer balloon is popped remotley using a small electric device. Two examples of where this effect is very popular is the first dance at a wedding or at midnight on New Years Eve.

Compressed Air Confetti CannonsĀ 

Another spectacular effect are our professional compressed air confetti cannons. They are usually supplied in pairs. Each cannon is approx 30″ long and is filled with confetti. We can then if required hide the cannons inside balloon decor. The cannons can be fired individually or both together to provide a dramatic effect. The effect is similar to that which you may have seen on the likes of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire or many other TV programs.

Lighting in Balloons

We can also add lighting effects inside balloons to make your event stand out from the rest.

Balloon Release or Race

Visually spectacular but also a great way to raise money.