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We moved the earth with Balloons!

We moved the earth with Balloons!

Our latest project was to create a parade float to celebrate 100 Years for our client. The brief was that it had to be between 12 and 14 feet high, be able to be pushed in a parade, be very visual and of course be a Balloon Sculpture.

The parade was to to take place in London and our studio is in North Wales so our first challenge was that the sculpture and the base to move it had to be modular. The whole sculpture broke down into sections but still needed a 14 tonne truck to move it to London due to it’s bulk.

Below are some of pictures of the finished balloon sculpture

The Globe Ready to go
The 100 was higher so that it could be carried behind the word years to read 100 years from the front
Each letter and number was over 6 feet tall

A Long Night For a Royal Wedding

A Long Night For a Royal Wedding

A couple of weeks before Harry and Megan were to tie the not we received an e-mail from a client asking us to create either a union jack split in half or 2 union jacks to go either side of a screen where they would be showing the Royal Wedding Live.

The catch was the client was a top attraction in London!  Not a problem for us – the West Coast Main line train means that we are only ever 2 and half hours from London.

Mike headed down to London for a site meeting with the client a week before the wedding to discuss the best options and confirm the measurements.  The order was placed and all the stock was ordered and shipped to site.

There was another obstacle.  The attraction closes to the public at 4pm, but as it was the night before the Royal Wedding they had a private event on so we could not get into the show space until Midnight.  This meant a long night was ahead of us.  Also due to the event on the evening it meant we had to inflate one floor above the space and then carry it all down.

We arrived on site on the Friday night and started inflating with 2 crew at 7pm.  We inflated the last balloon at midnight.  Then it was time to transfer the design down to the show floor in 48 pieces.  The construction and rigging took until 4:30am but the client was very impressed and the attraction was ready to open at 9:00am on the Saturday morning ready for the Royal Wedding.

Oh I haven’t said what the attraction was have I!  Our brief was to cover The Voice attraction in the one and only Madame Tussauds Wax Works to make it ready for the Royal Wedding.

Here are a few pictures of the decor in progress and the finished item.

Madame Tussauds London

Make this fit for a Royal Wedding.

Stage 1 sort the stock

Balloons everywhere

getting there

Its looking like a flag

Starting to take shape

Ready to Rig

The Royal Couple look as though they approve!


It was a fantastic night.  Hard work but a great job for a lovely client.  One thing I will say is walking around Madame Tussauds at night with all those eyes watching you is a bit strange but we had plenty of famous company!

See more of our sculpture work by heading to this page


It’s All About Number Balloons!

It’s All About Number Balloons!

We are doing more and more milestone birthdays and anniversaries at the moment which is absolutely fantastic.  We are getting requests for decor incorporating the foil number balloons on a daily basis.  We wanted to show you a snippet of what can be achieved using those numbers rather than just having them inflated and put on a weight.

One of our bestselling designs is the ‘Fab & Funky Number’ displays with both the supersize numbers and the mini numbers.  The supersize numbers currently are available in silver, pink, blue and black so there is something to suit everyone and each one of those colours can be combined with other colours to compliment your event.  The mini numbers are currently readily available in silver but other colours are available to pre-order.

Supersize Fab & Funky Numbers

Supersize Fab & Funky Numbers

Supersize & Mini Fab & Funky Numbers

Supersize Fab & Funky Numbers

We can also create characters from Number balloons – again both big and small and also themed pieces which can personalised to suit your theme.


Supersize Number Character Personalised Display

One of our most popular supersize number displays – Minecraft

Pirate themed and personalised supersize number display

Seasonal supersize number display

Mini Number Character Display

Another variety of displays is using a pole and display – both large numbers and mini numbers can create stunning decor pieces.

Supersize Number Balloon on a pole and base with Sparklelites added.

Mini Number Display on a pole and base with Sparklelites added

Mini Number display on a pole and base

Another popular decor piece with the numbers is freestanding columns.  Again these can be done in colours to suit your event and they stand approximately 5ft tall.  This is one of my favourite colour combinations that we did recently.

Freestanding Balloon Number Columns

Moving onwards from there – we can provide you with framed number sculptures.  Yet again they are available in any colours with or without lights!  They are very, very pretty.


A framed number 1 balloon sculpture

A framed number 8 balloon sculpture

A framed number 16 balloon sculpture with lights added

Completely frames and free standing.

And finally for today, one more idea – a completely frameless, freestanding 5ft balloon number sculpture available in numerous colours!  Very simple and very pretty balloon decor.

The possibilities are endless and we have just given you a few ideas to set your imagination running!  If you have an idea or a theme – just pop in and have a chat and we will discuss your requirements in more detail and work towards an affordable but stunning solution.

Remember, we are not just about balloons on a string!


Silverstone 2014 Lewis Hamilton

Once again this year we were asked by Matt Lewis of Matthew Lewis Displays in Coventry to assist with the decor for the Silverstone Racing Club Marquee at the British Grand Prix.

Now being huge F1 fans Sara and I made ourselves available for the event.  After seeing the pictures of our large sculpture of the red arrows at the World Balloon Convention, the client asked if we could do something special to celebrate 50 years of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.  They asked if we could create Lewis Hamilton’s AMG Petronas Mercedes W05 car.

We created a 2/3 scale replica completely from balloons.


Brooklands and Luffield from the Silverstone Racing Club
Brooklands and Luffield from the Silverstone Racing Club


W05 on the ground
W05 on the ground

AMG Mercedes WO5
Lewis Hamiltons Car 2014 AMG Mercedes WO5

Lewis Hamiltons Car 2014 AMG Mercedes WO5
Lewis Hamiltons Car 2014 AMG Mercedes WO5


GP3 Driver Nelson Mason
GP3 Driver Nelson Mason

TV pundit and racing driver Karun Chandhok
TV pundit and racing driver Karun Chandhok

Son of James Hunt, Freddie Hunt
Son of James Hunt, Freddie Hunt

F1 Racing Legend Derek Warwick
F1 Racing Legend Derek Warwick

A fantastic weekend and even better with Lewis winning.