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Queen’s 90th Birthday Balloon Decor

Queen’s 90th Birthday Balloon Decor

So, just in case you missed it (not sure how though!) our beloved Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday on April 21st 2016  and the celebrations continue throughout May and June.  We know that a lot of places across the UK are planning street parties or other celebrations to mark the occasion, so we thought we would give you some ideas on how to spruce up your very own Royal Celebration with your very own Queen’s 90th Birthday Balloon Decor.


Happy Birthday
Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty!


Your celebration decor doesn’t have to even mention the Queen’s actual birthday.  You can celebrate using the United Kingdom colours of red, white and blue.  Nothing is more eye-catching than these colours being used together.

If you’re a business you can celebrate too.  Nothing attracts attention to a shop or business premises like a balloon arch or display.  Balloons signify that something special is happening and people are naturally curious to find out what it is and so they will come and have a look.  An easy way to attract new custom.

For the Queen’s Jubilee a few years back, in conjunction with the White Rose Centre in Rhyl, we did a stunning display.  We inflated the balloons and constructed the pieces in full view of the public.  The attention it attracted was brilliant and people were coming back throughout the day to see how we were progressing.  Now Mike and I can both talk for Britain so it took us a lot longer than it should have done but nevertheless, it attracted attention which was the whole point.  Here’s what we built in the White Rose Centre.

Queens Birthday Celebrations
The Build Progress and Finished items

IMG_3313 IMG_3314 IMG_3315

Union Jack Flag for the Queen's Jubilee/Birthday
The Finished Union Jack Flag
The Union Jack Flag hung in place for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations
Sara working in the next piece
The Finished Piece
Both pieces finished, hung and on display


So far as those wanting street parties or such like, decor is also possible for those events too!  Here’s some outdoor decor we did for a street party for the Jubilee.  It looked fantastic!!


Outdoor decor for a street party which looked amazing.


Want to attract people to you business but still in keeping with the celebrations – that’s easy – have a look at these very effective arches, showroom displays and outdoor displays.  Car Showrooms are a great example of how to brighten up a space – happy people mean they will spend money!!

jubilee balloon decor showroom starpoint wall


arch1 arch2 arch9 funky column

So you see, balloons are very, very versatile and can be turned into stunning displays or decor – not just a balloon on a string!!!

So, if you’re planning a party of any sort,  an event or even if you want to attract more people to your business, give us a call and we can help you out!!

Keep It In The Family

Ok so the back end of 2014 went a bit mental for us here at For Every Occasion.  We apologise for not blogging for a while but we hope you will find the next few posts interesting.

Back in September we were asked by ITV Studios to appear in a brand new Sunday night Prime Time Game Show hosted by Bradley Walsh.  The show would see 2 families going head to head in a series of games to win prizes.  This would also include dropping celebrities through trap doors.  When we found out one of the celebrities was none other than Joe Pasquale – how could we refuse?

Keep It In The Family
Keep It In The Family

The first game in each program was called Family Business and it would involve a task set by a family who work together in business for the teams to complete.  Anyone who knows us knows that For Every Occasion is truly a family business and the kids are often to be found helping out in the shop (or hindering!).

ITV wanted spectacular balloon decor that could be set and struck quickly for the program as it is filmed in order with a live audience.  We had the brief, all we needed to do was create the wow factor.

We travelled down to BBC Elstree Studios on the Thursday night to prepare for filming on Sunday.  Also filming in the same building as us was Holby City and of course, Eastenders. Being a huge Holby City fan, Sara was beside herself when she saw some of the cast but  not as exited as she was when she met Danny Dyer in the Bar though!

We had a room to work in at the back of the studio and we started to inflate.

Keep it in the Family Ballons
Keep it in the Family Balloons
Ellie working on Keep it in the Family
Ellie working on Keep it in the Family

Hidden away in the Studio, behind the blacks, is the actual balcony used for Statler and Waldorf in the original Muppet Show Series.

Muppets Balcony
Muppets Balcony

Although a grainy picture we loved the personalised pillars on the stage.

The Set
The Set

We re-created one of our award winning Red Arrow sculptures for the show.

Red Arrow
Red Arrow

Our 15ft High Hot Air Balloon was one of the highlights.

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon

This is the balloon drop for the end of the game.

Balloon Drop
Balloon Drop

The biggest audience reaction though was when they saw Ellie and Amelia in their Balloon Dresses. The gasps literally took our breath away and is one of those moments that you will never forget.

Balloon Dresses
Balloon Dresses

The game consisted of Mike teaching 2 family members (the grandparents) how to make a Balloon Flower Head dress  The finished results were very interesting to say the least!

We also got to meet the celebrities on the show  here are a couple of pictures of us with Joe Pasquale and Helen Flanagan.

Joe Pasquale with
Joe Pasquale with
Helen Flanagan with
Helen Flanagan with

It took us all day Friday and most of Saturday to create all of the decor, the balloon dresses and car.  By the end of filming on Sunday we were exhausted.

Us on set with Joeys Car
Us on set with Joeys Car after filming

It was a fantastic experience and one that we had as a family.  I don’t think we will ever forget it.  We were treated like royalty and the kids thought it was Christmas with free ice cream, crisps and pop on tap!

Us with Bradley Walsh
Us with Bradley Walsh



Big Rooms Need Big Decor

Our brief was to create table decor for an awards ceremony.  The location was Bangor University and the decor had to compliment a Blue & Yellow Star theme creative that was used on the programs and the stage.  As it is a big room it needed big decor.  We chose to use 3ft mylar foil stars complimented with 5″ latex balloons and tulle.  The balloons where secured using monofilament line to weights on the table.  This gave the illusion when the guests arrived that the balloons were just sitting in mid air with no method of attachment.

Bangor University 8
Bangor University 8
Bangor University 6
Bangor University 6
Bangor University 4
Bangor University 4
Bangor University 3
Bangor University 3

Aeropole system testing

This weekend we put the new Aeropole Arch System through its paces.  We had wind speeds between 10 mph and 20 mph  with gusts upto 28 mph.  We opted for Polka dots garland.  We chose this pattern so we could see if the balloons twisted on the poles.

We joined the Aeropoles using gaffer tape as advised in the Aeropole video.  We then covered the black aeropoles with white 646q’s.

The balloons were made into garland then attached to the poles.  We used the full 35 feet of Aeropoles and once attached to the the bases it became apparent that the bases would hold the arch shape fine and not move outwards but when the strong winds started the bases lifted.  We know that the manufacturer advises doubling up the bases to use outside, but as this was our first system we only had one pair of bases supplied with the kit.  We added 2 of our very heavy weight plates to the base plates on either side and then nothing moved.  We tied the poles to the bases using dacron line and the whole system was solid.

Below is an image showing how close we were to the coast line being affected by winds.

Arch Location
This is how close the arch was to the sea front


This is how the arch looked when we started, note the line up of the pink balloons.

Aeropole ARCH 1
Start of the Day
Aeropole Arch 2
Balloons in place at the start of the day

As you can see from the following pictures the wind started to gust.

Aeropole with the Wind Starting
Wind started to move the poles
Aeropole in Strong Winds
The wind got very strong up to 28 MPH

Aeropole Videos

Here are a few videos of the arch and how it moved in the wind.

Movement in the wind

Wind on the arch

More winds

Wind is not a problem

At the end of the day the arch looked as good as it did at the start of the day.  Notice the pink balloons are still in line and have not spun on the pole at all after 8 hours.


Aeropole Arch end of day
This is how the Arch looked at the end of the day

I also spent some time discussing the system with Mark Drury of Pioneer Europe and he had some great advice.

“When attaching and disconnecting the poles it is very important to not to put too much stress on the end of the pole that slides over the metal pin that you have secured to the base plate. The end of the pole should not be allowed to be under stress until the pin is fully inserted or the pole has been fully removed. Naturally with both base plates and pins flat on the ground the poles want to bend to allow all the pieces to connect and create an arch.

You should attempt to straighten the last pole before inserting on to the pin and removing the pole from the pin. The easiest way of doing this is to stand inside the arch and gently push the pole upright to achieve a straight pole. The straighter the pole is when removing and inserting the easier it will be to slide over or off the pin. If the connection seems to be tight or stiff the pole is not straight enough. DO NOT FORCE or you risk damaging your poles.

Other Aeropole Tips: 

Work on one side at a time! 
If you find it difficult to do alone, work in pairs.
When the pole is covered with balloons you can place one hand inside the clusters to grip the pole close to the pin and pull towards you and place the other hand inside the clusters higher up and push the pole away from you to ensure its straight.
When removing ALWAYS aim to remove the pole from the pin fully in one movement.
Remember if its difficult to move, the pole is not straight!
Store poles in there original packaging to avoid damage to the ends in transport.”

The Aeropole is a fantastic system that has proved itself to us in high winds in a costal location.  If I had to make one comment it would be that the base plates should be heavier for arches 35 feet wide, but we had a solution for that.  The notes that come with the aeropole system recommend additional weight and, this is essential.

Don’t forget to cover your poles with 646q’s,  this will stop your balloons moving on the poles and also make your arches look more professionally finished.

I hope this blog was useful.

It’s Snowing at Venue Cymru

Well yesterday was a fun day at Venue Cymru.

We installed 12 Giant snow flakes 8 mini snow flakes and 2 balloon sculptures.  All will be available to view through December during Panto.

We did the sculpture build at our balloon shop in Rhyl then moved them in pieces to Llandudno.  The Snowflakes where built on site due to size.

Here is a sneak preview.

IMG_3158 IMG_3157 IMG_3156 IMG_3155

To see more of our sculpture work visit either or


Welcome to our new Blog

Ok we have taken the plunge into blogging.

On here we will keep you updated with what we are up to any projects and news of our companies.

For Every Occasion Balloon Artists Ltd are a North Wales company providing:

  • Balloon Deliveries
  • Balloon Decor
  • Wedding Decor
  • Christening Decor
  • Birthdays Parties
  • Corporate Functions
  • Product Launches
  • Balloon Twisting

Our balloon twisting has been a big hit this year with our corporate clients.  We can keep children occupied whilst their parents spend time looking at your products and purchasing.

The Famous Balloon Twisting Suit
The Famous Balloon Twisting Suit

Don’t forget we also have a huge range of personalised gifts available on our sister website