One Million Bubbles of Hope

For Every Occasion Balloon Artists Ltd of Rhyl are taking part in a unique worldwide event this weekend and you can see it all from your front room.

Nothing brings smiles to people’s faces like balloons do, and the professional balloon decorating, and entertainment industry wants to help people find their smiles and joy during this challenging and frightening time we have entered.

On Saturday & Sunday, April 11th & 12th, over 700 balloon artists from around the world are participating in “One Million Bubbles of Hope”. The intent is for the professional balloon industry to share their talents and skills that day to help bring happiness to as many lives as they can and remind the world that there is hope and kindness still out there as they face the new realities of COVID-19.

The first One Million Bubbles was held on March 26th, 2020 with over 350 designers participating from 15 countries.

“With all the fear and uncertainty going on in the world right now, I felt like we had to do something,” said Steven Jones, project leader of Balloon Designers in Seattle, Washington. “Balloons make people happy in ways nothing else does, so if working balloon professionals cannot make people smile right now, who really can?”

Artists are participating in a variety of ways:

Balloon professionals are encouraged to create something artsy and fun either in their yards at home or in a public place, but convey the message of “Be Safe Be Kind”.

We will, along with other artists working from home, be broadcasting live on social media conducting live Q&A sessions as they create fun pieces; this will be an excellent opportunity for children stuck at home to learn from these talented and experienced professionals in a unique way like never before.

Because of the #StayHome campaign currently going on, our artists are encouraged not to further complicate the possible spread of COVID-19 by making deliveries to locations other than their homes, places of business or permitted public spaces.

It is our hope that when this is all over, over one million balloons will be used to create ten times as many smiles during this scary time for so many around the world.

We will be going live on our facebook page at several points over the weekend to show how we are taking part.

For more Information please you can either :

check out our website

The event website


call us on 01745 334299