T-Rex MK2 – The Fastest Way To Stuff Balloons!

So from the beginning of July 2015, our new sister company ‘Stuff It’ is excited to become a supplier of the fabulous T-Rex MK2 Balloon Stuffing Tool to the UK and Europe.

Stuff It!
Stuff It!

Celebrating 10 years in the industry this year we cannot believe it has taken us this long to find a tool that makes stuffing a balloon so easy and quick both out on site or in the shop.

Going back to when we started in the industry, we inherited an original T-Rex machine although we had absolutely no idea what it was at the time and we threw it away!!  How stupid were we?

The designers of this brilliant product are Mark & Kajira Bailey from Australia.  They came to stay with us towards the end of last year and when we told them this, they were horrified.  At the time of their visit to us, a new MK2 T-Rex was in the manufacturing process – thank goodness!!  Since then there have been two new versions of the machine, one in shiny chrome and the latest which is in black.

The T-Rex MK2 that we are going to be supplying has been improved yet again to provide you with a more flexible air hose (a little bit like a hoover hose).

Now you can create all kinds of designs with the T-Rex Balloon Stuffing Tool.  Here’s a couple of ideas but they really are endless – if you have the right imagination!

T-Rex MK2 Balloon Stuffing Tool
Exploding Balloon created with T-Rex MK2
T-Rex MK2
Funky stuffed balloon
T-Rex MK2
Make someone smile with a smiley face stuffed balloon
T-Rex MK2
Balloon Flowers inside a balloon created with the T-Rex MK2
T-Rex MK2
Exploding Column Toppers created with the T-Rex

So what do you get when you purchase the T-Rex from us?

T-Rex MK2
This is what you get when you buy the T-Rex MK2

Please note that the clear air hose shown in the picture will be replaced with the new improved air hose when you purchase your T-REX MK2 from us!

Not only that, but you can trust that the product you are investing in works – we use it virtually every single day and there are other balloon professionals worldwide who are still the using the original T-Rex and swear by it.  Buying a product from a company that uses it just makes sense to us.

Instructional videos are available to watch to show you in great detail exactly how to use your T-Rex MK2.  It is essential that you watch the videos to start with – they will really make your life a whole lot easier than not watching them!!  There are no instructions in the box, they are all on line and when you purchase the T-REX MK2 we will provide you with the link.


Look How easy it is to use in this short video.

[huge_it_video_player id=”4″]

So then it begs the question:-

Are you Interested?
Are you Interested?

If so please drop us an email to and we will provide you with pricing details (you will be very impressed with the price!) :-

To E-mail us – CLICK HERE

More Information Available at The T-Rex Website CLICK HERE

We currently have a Priority List for the T-Rex MK2 so if you wish to be put on the list and guarantee yourself a T-Rex as soon as the new batch arrives, please let us know too.