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We Are Moving


Well it’s almost here.  We are in our last week at 11 Russell Road, Rhyl.  It has been a great shop for us but due to us needing more space we have had to take a decision to relocate.  We surveyed quite a few customers and the biggest gripe was the problems parking in the town centre, so this also had an influence on where we are moving to.

We have decided to open a Studio and showroom.  We will still be providing the same high quality balloon decor.  Our work load is increasing exponentially at the moment and as a result we would highly recommend you pre order where ever possible.  This not only saves you hanging around waiting for balloons but it helps us manage the work better and ensure we can provide decor to as many clients as possible.

We will be also launching an on line ordering service really soon.

We look forward to seeing you at our new Studio Unit D4, Pinfold Workshops, Ffordd Derwen, Rhyl. LL18 2YR from the 2nd October.


It’s All About Number Balloons!

It’s All About Number Balloons!

We are doing more and more milestone birthdays and anniversaries at the moment which is absolutely fantastic.  We are getting requests for decor incorporating the foil number balloons on a daily basis.  We wanted to show you a snippet of what can be achieved using those numbers rather than just having them inflated and put on a weight.

One of our bestselling designs is the ‘Fab & Funky Number’ displays with both the supersize numbers and the mini numbers.  The supersize numbers currently are available in silver, pink, blue and black so there is something to suit everyone and each one of those colours can be combined with other colours to compliment your event.  The mini numbers are currently readily available in silver but other colours are available to pre-order.

Supersize Fab & Funky Numbers
Supersize Fab & Funky Numbers
Supersize & Mini Fab & Funky Numbers
Supersize Fab & Funky Numbers

We can also create characters from Number balloons – again both big and small and also themed pieces which can personalised to suit your theme.


Supersize Number Character Personalised Display
One of our most popular supersize number displays – Minecraft
Pirate themed and personalised supersize number display
Seasonal supersize number display
Mini Number Character Display

Another variety of displays is using a pole and display – both large numbers and mini numbers can create stunning decor pieces.

Supersize Number Balloon on a pole and base with Sparklelites added.
Mini Number Display on a pole and base with Sparklelites added
Mini Number display on a pole and base

Another popular decor piece with the numbers is freestanding columns.  Again these can be done in colours to suit your event and they stand approximately 5ft tall.  This is one of my favourite colour combinations that we did recently.

Freestanding Balloon Number Columns

Moving onwards from there – we can provide you with framed number sculptures.  Yet again they are available in any colours with or without lights!  They are very, very pretty.


A framed number 1 balloon sculpture
A framed number 8 balloon sculpture
A framed number 16 balloon sculpture with lights added
Completely frames and free standing.

And finally for today, one more idea – a completely frameless, freestanding 5ft balloon number sculpture available in numerous colours!  Very simple and very pretty balloon decor.

The possibilities are endless and we have just given you a few ideas to set your imagination running!  If you have an idea or a theme – just pop in and have a chat and we will discuss your requirements in more detail and work towards an affordable but stunning solution.

Remember, we are not just about balloons on a string!


Queen’s 90th Birthday Balloon Decor

Queen’s 90th Birthday Balloon Decor

So, just in case you missed it (not sure how though!) our beloved Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday on April 21st 2016  and the celebrations continue throughout May and June.  We know that a lot of places across the UK are planning street parties or other celebrations to mark the occasion, so we thought we would give you some ideas on how to spruce up your very own Royal Celebration with your very own Queen’s 90th Birthday Balloon Decor.


Happy Birthday
Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty!


Your celebration decor doesn’t have to even mention the Queen’s actual birthday.  You can celebrate using the United Kingdom colours of red, white and blue.  Nothing is more eye-catching than these colours being used together.

If you’re a business you can celebrate too.  Nothing attracts attention to a shop or business premises like a balloon arch or display.  Balloons signify that something special is happening and people are naturally curious to find out what it is and so they will come and have a look.  An easy way to attract new custom.

For the Queen’s Jubilee a few years back, in conjunction with the White Rose Centre in Rhyl, we did a stunning display.  We inflated the balloons and constructed the pieces in full view of the public.  The attention it attracted was brilliant and people were coming back throughout the day to see how we were progressing.  Now Mike and I can both talk for Britain so it took us a lot longer than it should have done but nevertheless, it attracted attention which was the whole point.  Here’s what we built in the White Rose Centre.

Queens Birthday Celebrations
The Build Progress and Finished items

IMG_3313 IMG_3314 IMG_3315

Union Jack Flag for the Queen's Jubilee/Birthday
The Finished Union Jack Flag
The Union Jack Flag hung in place for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations
Sara working in the next piece
The Finished Piece
Both pieces finished, hung and on display


So far as those wanting street parties or such like, decor is also possible for those events too!  Here’s some outdoor decor we did for a street party for the Jubilee.  It looked fantastic!!


Outdoor decor for a street party which looked amazing.


Want to attract people to you business but still in keeping with the celebrations – that’s easy – have a look at these very effective arches, showroom displays and outdoor displays.  Car Showrooms are a great example of how to brighten up a space – happy people mean they will spend money!!

jubilee balloon decor showroom starpoint wall


arch1 arch2 arch9 funky column

So you see, balloons are very, very versatile and can be turned into stunning displays or decor – not just a balloon on a string!!!

So, if you’re planning a party of any sort,  an event or even if you want to attract more people to your business, give us a call and we can help you out!!

Chocolate & Flower Free Valentines Day!

Right, now we have got your attention!!!

As we all know Valentines Day is fast approaching (at the time of writing it is just 17 days away).  This year why don’t you surprise your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner etc., with a stunning balloon display.  Roses and flowers are predictable, boring and very expensive and as we all know the prices usually increase as Valentines Day approaches. Balloons on the other hand make a much bolder statement and require a lot more thought that just popping into a shop and buying a bunch of flowers and, even better, the prices remain the same as every other time of year – no seasonal increases whatsoever!!

A Small Selection of the Valentines Balloons Available in Store
A Small Selection of the Valentines Balloons Available in Store


We have a vast amount of ideas for Valentines Day and, even better, we are open on Sunday the 14th February for all the last minute orders and we can deliver as well (there is an additional fee for delivery and delivery slots are limited).

2016 is also a Leap Year which means this year ladies, you can take the initiative and propose to your other half.  We can help you out with that by delivering a personalised bouquet of balloons which actually do the asking for you!!!

From the simplest of balloons to the most elaborate displays, to singing balloons and personalised balloons, we can cater for absolutely any budget at all. We are open 6 days a week so there is plenty of time for you to place your order.  Call in and see us at For Every Occasion, 11 Russell Road, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 3BS or call us on 01745 334299.

Below are just a few ideas of what’s available but trust us when we say there are lots more ideas in store!


IMG_2011 IMG_2010 IMG_2009 IMG_2014 IMG_2013IMG_2150 (1)




One of our SPECIAL OFFERS is a dozen red foil heart balloons for just £19.99 (see our prices have actually gone down not up).

Strictly Come Dancing for BBC

Strictly Come Dancing for BBC

Back in October 2014, while painting our daughter’s bedroom, we had a phonecall from the BBC!  It turns out that they wanted some balloons for Saturday’s show and we had been recommended to them from one of the technicians who worked on ITV’s Keep It In The Family which had recently filmed.  The brief was explained to us, they had very specific requirements and knew exactly what it was they wanted for the show.  Now, Sara is a HUGE Strictly fan so there was no doubt who was going to travel to do this job!!  The only downside was she would be travelling on the Thursday, doing the build and returning on the same day so sadly, no dancers would be there.

Thursday arrived, Sara was up at the crack of dawn with no problem!  She caught the train to London Kings Cross, travelled across London to Elstree Studios.

At this point, Sara takes over the story.  At the security gate, I gave my details and was directed towards the studio.

Elstree Studios
Elstree Studios

Now, the George Lucas sound stage is a fair walk away from the security gate but I thought I had missed it.  I hadn’t.  I asked for directions and was taken to the studio.  It was a massive building which I can only describe as a  ‘big tin shed’ like building!!  I was greeted by security and shown into the building.  It was immediately sparkly and as I walked through another door, I was straight onto the Strictly Dance Floor.  It was very surreal.  Inside I was screaming with excitement, but had to remain professional at all times.  I was to inflate and build the clouds on the stage where the band are located!!  I just had to get on with the job.  The crew were playing around with lighting ideas for Saturday’s show while I was inflating and I found myself talking to myself about how pretty the lighting was and telling the crew what I thought too!.  The crew were fab!!  After an hour I had finished building.  I showed the crew how to replace a balloon if one should pop and also put rigging points in ready for them to rig the balloons later that day.  The creative director came to chat with me about the possibility of providing balloons for the Strictly Special in Blackpool and whether it would be possible to do something like the picture she showed me.  Of course we can (again screaming with excitement inside!).  That it was, I was done.  However I couldn’t help myself from asking if I could take some pictures sat at the Judges desk.  Now I said before that the crew were fab and they really were!!  I said at Darcey’s place.

Strictly Come Dancing
Sara in Darcey’s space
Strictly Come Dancing
The finished clouds for Kevin and Frankie’s dance

I left with a very big smile on my face after a fab but very tiring day – headed home to celebrate my parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

On the Saturday night we watched nervously but the balloons looked fab!

A couple of weeks went by and that we got a phone call from them to say that they wanted us to do the special in Blackpool.  Again they had very specific ideas of what they wanted and it involved very big balloons!  This time we would both be going and it would be on the Friday of rehearsals!!

Set off early on the Friday to arrive at Blackpool Tower for just after 9.00a.m.  Parked on the front of the Tower (with the help of some very friendly Traffic Wardens!)  We set up and set about inflating.  The first job was balloons for Anton and Judy’s dance.  Very simple for very effective balloons.   This time we actually got to go on set and help rig the balloons.  It was quite nice because we knew some of the crew as they had worked on Keep It In The Family, so hugs all round!!

That job done so it was time for lunch.  We were told we could help ourselves from the catering facilities.  So we sat down for lunch in amongst all the stars.  Now Sara’s favourite dancer is Brendan Cole who we hadn’t seen all day.  Lunch finished, we were clearing away our plates, Sara put down her plate, turned around, and ran straight into him!  She couldn’t say anything, just made a stupid noise and walked off!!   Anton and Judy were doing interviews and they were doing them next to where we were working.  They were both so lovely and friendly, as was everyone else.

Strictly Come Dancing
Sara with Anton

So on to the next job, inflating the big bouquets of balloons.  This took a while to do.  They were massive bouquets.

Strictly Come Dancing
Mike against some of the bouquets

They wanted to place a single bouquet on set to get an idea of how they would look and whether or not they would actually need more bouquets than they had anticipated.  Now to carry a bouquet down to the studio, we had two flights of stairs to go do and in through a narrow doorway (just about made it through the door)!  We showed the crew how to move them when it was time for the show.  Job done we left very happy.

So Anton and Judy’s dance looked fab and the picture of them with our balloons was used in most of the national newspapers!  This was the picture!


Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool
Anton du Beke and Judy Murray

The big balloon bouquets were used for the group dance on the Sunday.  Sadly some of the balloons did not make it in one piece to the studio but they still looked fab!

Strictly Come Dancing
Group Dance Blackpool
Strictly Come Dancing
Group Dance Blackpool

We loved doing these balloons, especially Sara, it was like a dream come true for her!